Pimp my Weehoo – or adding a rack to a Weehoo

The Weehoo iGo is a great piece of kit, but for us to go family bikepacking it needs to be modified to hold a rack that can have real Ortlieb panniers attached. After seeing a couple of great ideas for inspiration (check out the links page) I decided to modify our with a Racktime foldit rack.

The Weehoo doesn't have mount points for a rack, so a bracket needs to be fabricated. Unlike other builds, I decided to also get different axle nuts to mount the bracket – I was worried about the lack of axle thread the nut would have to bite onto once the fabricated bracket went over the thread. So after much online searching I purchased a pair of Croozer universal nuts in the 3/8 thread variety. They are designed to mount a pram mounting bracket onto the axle with a pair of bolts threaded in from the other side of the nut – I figure 20kg or so of camping gear should also be fine on a rack – and like that it's all held by the axle. Downside is having to carry two other spanner sizes – none of which are on my current three size bike tool 😒

Fabricating the bracket was just fun – I like that kind of thing. Out of 25mm x 6mm aluminium stock, I fabricated a right and left bracket. A hole to take the Croozer nut lip (11mm) and a pair of holes to suit M5 bolts. I roughed it all together first to work out how long to make the bracket and then cut everything to fit. I even curved the end to match the curve of the Racktime bracket. All bolted together with the supplied Racktime mounting hardware, with four addition stainless M5 nylock nuts.

Once the rack was all setup, it was then a matter of mounting it onto the Croozer bolts. I added a stainless spring washer to the assembly to guard against loosening – have also got some Locktite that may also be used should things start getting loose.

The stabilising arms are easy adjusted to line up with the Weehoo pannier frame. I used stainless self tapping screws to mount these – with a 3.5mm pilot hole!

All tightened up and rock solid it needs some bags. First test is with the front roller classic which fit perfectly. I'll play with the setup later on, to see where the front roller vs rear rollers should go on the bike and trailer – either fit in the front of my bike or the rack on the Weehoo – it will be a balance and stability decision.

The Weehoo flag mount still works perfectly – I'd love to say it was good planning but it was all just luck. There will probably be a rack pack over the top for camping, which will mean the flag will need a alternate mount also.

Test ride (10km) fully loaded worked fine with no loosening or issues. Stability was also good. Capacity has more than doubled – everything from the Weehoo panniers fits into one Ortlieb front roller with space to spare. This looks like it is going to work!


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